"Come Back to Poland" - Regional Tables at JRI-Poland Luncheon, Sunday, 7/23
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 21:17:28 -0700 (PDT)
Is your ancestral region represented in the JRI-Poland.org    database?
Is your family from areas around... Warsaw? Galicia?  Poznan?   
Suwalki? Kielce-Radom? Lublin-Zamosc? Krakow?
Do you  feel close ties to a Birds-of-a-Feather Group, a  Facebook,  
Yahoo Group or  other Polish-related Special Interest  Group?
Bring your friends,  sign up for a table together, and share  your  
enthusiasm at the JRI-Poland  Luncheon on Sunday, July 23,  2017  
from 12 pm to 1:30  pm.
The  JRI-Poland luncheon is on the first day of the conference,  
so  it’s an early  opportunity to make new connections, see old  
friends,  and plan or promote  your regional activities for the  week. 
This may be an excellent  opportunity to begin to discuss a  group  
visit to your ancestral shtetlach in  conjunction with the  2018  
IAJGS conference in Warsaw!
Join the  JRI-Poland Family at lunch and make meaningful   
connections with other  researchers interested in your ancestral   
geographical area(s). Please spread  the word that the JRI-Poland   
luncheon will highlight the various regions  represented in our   
database to promote conversation. 
Join us  for lunch on that first Sunday.
Sign up now to enable us to  anticipate regional interest and  
seat  you together with other researchers,  including JRI-Poland  
board  members, archives coordinators, and  Birds-of-a-Feather  
(BOF) leaders,  who share your localized interests.  
Robinn Magid’s (Lublin-Zamosc BOF co-coordinator) colorful    
presentation will describe a special gathering of Jews from the  
City  of  Lublin and the nearby towns to be held this  summer,
just prior to  the Orlando  conference. This "reunion" is  being 
organized by a Lublin  cultural center in  cooperation with  the 
City of Lublin to commemorate  and honor 700 years of  Jewish  
presence in Lublin. Jews from all over  the world plan to return  to  
Lublin to "meet anew" - which is the theme  of the  event.
Robinn  can be reached at: RobinnM [at] aol.com for questions or  to  
sign up for a table representing a region. You may list a    few
regional preferences so we can try to place certain topical  tables   
near each other, enabling you to “visit” the various  regions  
represented  in the JRI-Poland database. We will pair  people  with
mutual interests where  possible.
We hope to spread some of this "Meeting Anew" enthusiasm  to  
other  places that are current or former territories of   Poland.
Come join us for a special afternoon!
Stanley Diamond
JRI-Poland Executive Director 
Robinn Magid
Berkeley,  California
Lublin Archives Project   Coordinator, JRI-Poland
RobinnM [at] aol.com 

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