Conference Badges and Registration Bar Codes - Two Emails with Info to Arrive during the next 12 Hours
From: Adam Brown (
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 15:41:18 -0700 (PDT)

Its the final countdown for the Conference team and we are sending out two emails to you over the next 12 hours of some importance.  Keep your eye on your email inbox!

The first email will show a rendering of your conference badge with your name, title (if any), town and your ancestral surnames and shtetls if you entered them at registration.  If there is a need to change any part of your badge listing, please follow the instructions in the email that lead back to the registration site where changes can be made. If you are stymied at any point, contact us at info [at]

The second email pertains to the bar code for registration. This will be a duplicate of the email that you received when you first registered and you should print out the email and bring it with you, or save on your smart phone. Having the bar code with you will save you a visit to the registration desk and speed the conference check-in process for yourself and everyone else.  So please cooperate and bring it with you.  Again, if you have any difficulties please contact us at info [at]

Lastly,  transportation options from the airport to the Conference have improved dramatically with the initiation of airport car service on July 1 via Lyft and Uber.  This is a more direct and cheaper means of reaching the hotel from the Airport than the preexisting alternatives such as Mears, so if you use those services elsewhere, Orlando should be no exception.  As for those of you who do not have Uber or Lyft, we recommend that you keep an eye out for people who have the Jewish genealogy "look" and offer to share a ride to the Swan.

Adam Brown       Diane Jacobs     Dennis Rice

IAJGS 2017 Co-Chairs

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