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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 20:57:51 -0700 (PDT)

People attend IAJGS Conferences for a lot of reasons but they have one thing in common for sure; brick-walls that they need the help of an expert.  In the past, there was just never enough time or access to the experts to get your answers.

Introducing the IAJGS Mentoring Program!

Many of your favorite experts will be having office hours Monday through Friday where you can gather as a small group or even one to one to obtain personal consultation.  To be fair to everyone, we request you keep your time to a couple of minutes and perhaps write your questions down before you come to their "office."

The speakers will announce their office hours, typically 60 to 90 minutes, at the end of their talk and look for them to be posted during the Conference.  Most of the mentoring will be located in the Swan Foyer at tables reserved just for these consultations.  Get your questions ready ahead of time.


1.    Mentors are to provide guidance to assist attendees in overcoming roadblocks or brick walls by suggesting new paths for research; different ways to analyze data/results; or even answer their questions directly if possible.

2.    Mentors will not to do research for the attendee.

3.    Mentors will “coach” attendees who can then go to the Resource Room to implement what they just learned. And perhaps even come back to discuss what they just learned.

4.    Sessions may include small groups of people who have common questions or  one-on-one.  Participation will be first come first served. There are no signup sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many office hours will there be for a speaker/mentor?

We are not requiring a certain number; that is up to individual Mentors and depends upon their schedule.

Will the office hours be the same day as the speaker’s presentation?

Not necessarily. The mentor will announce the hours after their presentation; you should check the latest Conference Calendar each day for changes.  Mentoring sessions may occur anytime during the day or evening  any day(s) of the week.  It may span  than the 1 hour 15 minute length of a typical Conference session or even longer.

Where will they be located?

Sessions will be in a variety of places. Small groups will be at reserved tables in the Swan Foyer.  Larger groups may be located elsewhere in locations to be announced.

Will there be internet access?

Mentoring requiring Wifi access will be located in the Swan Foyer.

Bring your laptop or tablet fully charged and booted up; Mentors may not have their computers with them.

What if no one shows up or mentor finishes early?

Mentors will wait 15 minutes and may depart if  no students arrive.  So plan to arrive close to the mentor's scheduled starting time!

Should scheduled sessions occur during breakfast or lunch, may I bring my brown bag meal?

Absolutely, and bring a snack for the Mentor!

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