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My aunt cancelled last minute so I suddenly have a spare double bed I my room. I arrive Saturday and leave Friday.
Please contact me at markhkatz46 [at] 
Thank you.

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On 18 Jul 2017, at 9:18 pm, Adam Brown <adambrowngeni [at]> wrote:

The IAJGS 2017 Conference App is now available on your favorite smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, it can also be used on any computer. Go to to download the app to your phone or use it on your computer. (You will need to create an account on a computer, or to use the app on multiple devices.)

We have a multi-year app for IAJGS, so if you already have it on your phone from a previous year, you can simply open the app, find the menu option to Exit to Show List, and download the latest year.

There is so much to do in the app, this post could get a little long. (Please note that some things may change after this post is written, but it should be better or provide more options.)

The main options across the top of the app are: Home, Exhibitors, Maps, Events, Speakers, and Search. Additional main menu items shown on the Home screen include: My Schedule, Photo Gallery, Social Media, Attendees, Info Pages, What's On Now, and Exit to Events List.

By searching through the Events, you can see individual sessions at the conference. Tap on the star and it will be saved to My Schedule, where you can view all of your events. You can also add custom events, for example, if you have a meeting with a mentor, or you arrange for lunch or dinner with a friend, tap on the plus sign to add any event.

Please visit the list of Exhibitors to see who will be in our Exhibit Hall. And be sure to visit them in person sometime during the week.

The sessions are listed under Events. You can browse by Day, Track, and Type. You can also use the Search icon at the top right to search for anything and it will show you results in the Events, Speakers, and other areas of the app.

Bonus feature: From the Browse by Day view, if you tap on the calendar icon to the right of the word Events, you will see a colorful view of the schedule by tracks.

Speakers should be self-explanatory. You can see all the sessions presented by each speaker.

You may add photos to the Photo Gallery. Please do so during the conference. Also note that if you provide us with really nice photos, we might use them for future publicity. Don't let that stop you though. (If we have a way to identify the photographer, we'll give you credit.)

Social Media will show you conference activity as seen on Twitter and Facebook. You can log in to both right inside the app and share with the rest of us.

Info Pages is where you will find maps and other documents, as we may add other information.

What's On Now will show what is happening now. There's nothing now, the week before the conference, so we'll all find out how that works next week.

Did you notice we skipped over Attendees? We get a lot of questions about this section. You will not find a list of all attendees here, only those who create a public profile from within the app. To do that, tap on the hamburger icon to the left of Dashboard and add your profile. Be sure to mark it as public. It takes at least 15 minutes to sync, so you won't find yourself in the attendee list immediately. You can mark other attendees as friends and contact them from within the app. When you view someone, you can mark them as a favorite with the star, send a friend request, or request a meeting using the handshake icon.

On the right of Dashboard, there is a gear icon for settings. From there, you can also access your profile. Additionally, there is an option for Multi Device Sync, if you want to use the app on multiple devices, such as a phone and a tablet, and have the app remember your data from each device on the other.

As the conference unfolds, there will be Alerts that you will receive through the app. For example, we try to inform you of any schedule changes, cancellations, and other reminders. Alerts will appear in orange near the top of the main screen.

There is even more that the app can do, including allow you to take notes during sessions (use the pencil icon) and then download those notes or email them to yourself.

And don't forget to rate the sessions after they have concluded by viewing each session and tapping on the star icon.

Don't be afraid to tap on anything if you don't know what it does. Just try it and see.

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