IAJGS 2017 Geni Project
From: E. Randol Schoenberg (randolsbslaw.net)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 16:46:26 -0700 (PDT)
Once again I have set up a Geni project listing all of the conference speakers, 
with links to their Geni profiles so you can find their trees.  It’s a work in 
progress, like everything on Geni, and I welcome everyone to join and help 
complete the project. 

See https://www.geni.com/projects/IAJGS-Conference-2017-Orlando/42458

People connected to the World Family Tree should be able to find how they are 
related/connected on Geni. For example, I just learned that Gil Bardige, wwhom 
I think I have never met or communicated with, is my wife’s second cousin’s 
husband’s first cousin (pretty close).  Looking forward to meeting him, and 
everyone else at the conference.

For those of you who are interested, I’ll be giving a demonstration of Geni.com 
at the EXPO! on Sunday at 3:00pm.  There is also a Geni BOF meeting on Monday 
at 11:15am in Parrot 2.

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA
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